Vogel LLP Successful at Alberta’s Top Court in Important Decision for Non-Married Couples

Vogel LLP Partner, Andy Hayher, was successful at the Alberta Court of Appeal in a decision that could have wide implications for non-married couples and the distribution of property that they have accumulated. In Buchner v. Long the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta which found that the parties, over their 20 year relationship, had engaged in a Joint Family Venture and gave the female partner 50% of the assets, notwithstanding that none of the homes were in her name. The Court of Appeal also upheld the lower court’s decision to transfer one of the homes into the female partner’s name for fear that the male partner would never pay the $500,000+ that was awarded by the court. This decision, from Alberta’s top court, indicates that 50/50 division of assets for non-married couples is possible.

The full decision, Buchner v Long, 2017 ABCA 382, may be read here.

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