Would Vehicle Seizures By Calgary Police Damage The Legal Process?

Would Vehicle Seizures By Calgary Police Damage The Legal Process?2012 has been a year filled with many changes for Alberta drivers and there could be even more changes on the way. In what would be a continuation of a series of harsher penalties for driving violations, there is now a proposal to seize the vehicles of drivers caught speeding multiple times.

Calgary Police Chief Rick Hansen is favor of the vehicle seizures over the other proposal, which is to ban laser jammers and radar detectors. These devices are currently legal in Alberta and several other provinces, and Rick Hansen doesn’t see any need to change that. He believes that the Edmonton police chief’s suggestion to seize vehicles of chronic speeders will be a much more affective solution.

The proposal stems from the fact that more than half of the fatalities that occured in Edmonton auto accidents last year were related to speeding. The proposal is currently being opposed in Alberta by a local firm that helps drivers fight traffic tickets. Those against the proposal argue that vehicle seizures by police would allow police to level penalties before the court process takes place. By the time the driver is able to have their case heard in court, they will be unlikely to recover all of the losses incurred from the vehicle seizure. If this proposal does go into effect, it will remain to be seen the vehicle seizures help or hurt the legal process and make our roads a safer place. To learn more about this story, read the article here.

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