Parent Coordination

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Parent Coordination in Calgary

Parent CoordinatorParent coordination (PC) is a specialized form of mediation/arbitration. It focuses on the needs and issues of children whose parents are in high conflict.

The PC process has three related components:

  1. Mediation/consensus building. The Parent Coordinator acts as a neutral facilitator to help parents negotiate resolution to their parenting challenges. He or she works with the parents to build consensus: getting parents on the same page and moving in the same direction, and helping to implement and navigate a parenting plan
  2. Arbitration/decision making. The Parent Coordinator can take on a decision-making role with the approval of parents who cannot reach consensus. The Parent Coordinator’s decision is binding.
  3. Education. Sometimes, issues arise because of communication problems between the parents. The Parent Coordinator’s role might include educating parents and working with them to better understand their differences and, yet, still find their common ground:  doing what is best for their children. The ultimate goal is for the parents gain the ability to communicate effectively and problem solve on their own (and no longer need the guidance of the Parent Coordinator).

Parent Coordinator at Vogel LLP

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