Family Law Mediation/Arbitration

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Calgary Arbitration

Arbitration may be a good option when families want finality and certainty that a decision will be made and their family issues will be resolved, but they do not want to go to court. In arbitration, a private judge is appointed by the family to make a decision based on the facts, evidence and law.

Mediation vs. Arbitration

Calgary Arbitration

Arbitration is very different from mediation. In mediation, a neutral professional is chosen by the family to help them reach an agreement of their own making. In arbitration, a private judge is involved and the final decision is considered legally binding – the same effect as a court order.

Many families find it helpful to combine the mediation and arbitration processes. They might first try to resolve their family issues by reaching an agreement; if they cannot reach an agreement on one or more issues, the arbitrator decides how the issues are to be resolved.

Mediation and arbitration are confidential; the information exchanged, any agreements reached and/or decisions made are not available to the public.

Mediators/Arbitrators at Vogel LLP

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