Parent Coordination During Separation

Parent Coordination During SeparationParent Coordination is a child-focused, alternative dispute resolution process responsive to the needs of parents experiencing conflict relating to their separation, specifically with respect to parenting arrangements. Parent Coordination helps parents implement their existing parenting plans and moves the parents away from reliance on the court system. Typically, these parents have frequent court applications which sustain the ongoing conflict. It is beneficial to these parents and especially to their children for them to have an alternative to court, given the high cost of court, both financially and emotionally.

The goal of parent coordination is to assist parents in managing and minimizing their conflict around parenting. A Parent Coordinator works with the parents to help them come to agreement on their issues of dispute, initially via mediation if possible. In that part of the process, the Parent Coordinator may spend some time in the role as educator, teaching the parents communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement, the Parent Coordinator moves into a decision-making role. This arbitration function is a fundamental aspect of Parent Coordination and the parents can be assured that if they cannot come to an agreement, a decision will be made.

As the process evolves, the Parent Coordinator helps parents to work together more effectively to improve communication and understand the issues that are triggering conflict. As the parents are able to move out of their high conflict patterns, they hopefully can rely less and less on the Parent Coordinator but may continue to work with the Parent Coordinator as needed to help them navigate through disputes successfully.

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