Moving Your Divorce Forward… Despite COVID-19

In this unprecedented global pandemic, there are many things that can wait until life returns to normal. For many, their legal matters have been put on hold as the courts in Alberta have closed except for emergency matters. But what about your divorce? Can that wait?

Despite the heavy emotions involved, the vast majority of legal issues in family law will simply not be urgent enough to warrant an emergency hearing before a judge. This can be very frustrating during these times of uncertainty. The court system, a once reliable tool, is now unavailable to many. What are your options in the meantime?

With the court closure, spouses and parents involved in family law disputes may wish to consider mediation, a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mediation is a non-binding facilitated negotiation. In Alberta, there is no obligation to mediate and therefore cooperation from both parties is required.

Typically, mediation will take place at the chosen mediator’s office (usually a law firm). What about physical distancing? Fortunately, many mediators in Calgary have adjusted their practice to accommodate COVID-19’s challenges. Mediations are occurring via video conferencing in order to move matters forward.

At Vogel LLP, we have a skilled team of mediators ready to help. We understand that not every aspect of your life can be put on hold as a result of COVID-19 and that your legal matters require attention at this time. If you’re looking to reach some form of resolution, consider mediation as an alternative to court. It just might make your isolation more peaceful.

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