Judicial Independence

Judicial IndependenceIn recent weeks there has been commentary from politicians regarding the courts, particularly the Supreme Court of Canada and our current Chief Justice.

An independent judiciary is a cornerstone to any democratic nation. The role of the court is to be unbiased and act as arbiters and triers of fact on cases that come before the courts. The judiciary is entrusted with the task of maintaining the rule of law and acting as steward to ensure that governments, legislative bodies, corporations and private individuals adhere to the laws of a nation state.

Judges are charged with often making unpopular decisions that will have economic, social and political impacts. It is for this reason we must protect the independence of the judiciary and not allow politicians to make public reprimands or bring the name of distinguished jurists into disrepute for political gain. Canadians can have confidence that our judiciary is one that is independent and not swayed by the opinions of politicians.

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