Articling Students


Articling at Vogel LLP

Each year, Vogel LLP hires one law student to complete their articles at our firm.*

Benefits of articling at Vogel LLP

  • Direct experience working on files, appearing in court and interacting with clients
  • Guidance from senior and junior lawyers
  • Learning practice management skills as well as legal skills
  • Ability to focus on litigation skills
  • Inclusion in all firm events and activities
  • Regular feedback on your work

We have hired graduates from University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, University of Windsor and University of British Columbia. We’re involved in programs at the University of Calgary and in various bar associations. As a student, you’ll be encouraged to get involved too.

“Most law school graduates dread their articling year, far too often hearing stories of being overworked and underappreciated. However, my time at Vogel LLP was an amazing learning experience. From day one I felt like I belonged to a team and was given every opportunity to succeed. My principal and the other lawyers at the firm provided guidance every step of the way and ensured I was able to grow as a student-at-law.  I was able to experience firsthand multiple facets of the law, such as court applications, mediations, arbitrations, client and practice management. My articling experience at Vogel LLP provided me with the skills and tools to succeed.” – Mandeep Dhillon

“Articling at Vogel LLP was an exceptional learning experience. I was welcomed by all and treated as one of the team from my first day. I was provided with vast opportunities to develop my skills through involvement in matters proceeding to mediation, arbitration, Chambers hearings, Trial and the Alberta Court of Appeal. I felt the lawyers at Vogel LLP really cared about and were invested in my learning such that they would regularly take time to meet with me to review my work and provide feedback. It is through the mentorship and teaching of the Vogel LLP team that I built the foundational skills to a successful career in law.” – Leslie Taylor

“I had an amazing articling year at Vogel LLP. I had the opportunity to attend court regularly, attend mediations and arbitrations, interact and work closely with clients and travel to educational conferences. I felt like a valued part of the Vogel LLP team from day one and had the pleasure of attending numerous firm social events and activities. I received mentorship and guidance from all of the junior and senior lawyers and always felt comfortable asking questions. I had a great articling experience at Vogel LLP and am now well-prepared for my career as a lawyer.” Emily Hanberry

*Please note that all articling positions have been filled for 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.