Government Of Alberta Tasked With Recreating 2,100 Shredded Court Records

Government Of Alberta Tasked With Recreating 2,100 Shredded Court RecordsLast year, the Alberta Court of Appeals accidentally shredded 2,100 records. These court records included both criminal and civil matters. Many of the records pertained to judgments, notices of motion, factums and bills of costs. Now officials are working diligently to recreate the lost records. The process began in February and has the tentative deadline of the end of October.

Officials say the shredding incident happened after the records traveled to the provincial archives in Edmonton for storage. Upon arriving at the archives, the records were accidentally put with materials that were marked for shredding. It was discovered after the fact that these records, which date from 1993 to 1995, were not intended to be shredded.

Now the government of Alberta is responsible for contacting Crown prosecutors, the private bars and other courts to recreate the missing records. The provincial courts are not largely impacted by the incident, due to the date of the court records. Alberta lawyers are the primary readers of these kinds of records, as they provide insight into past cases. The government is taking steps to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

As part of our client-centric approach at Vogel LLP, we consider our clients’ privacy of the upmost importance. We take extra caution to ensure client records remain private at all times.

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