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Experienced Estate Litigation Lawyers in Calgary

Estate Litigation Lawyers in CalgaryThe estate litigation lawyers at Vogel LLP in Calgary have extensive experience in representing executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries, claimants and third parties when issues arise in the context of a deceased’s estate.

What Is Estate Litigation?

The death of a family member or a loved one is often difficult to deal with. However, after a death, fighting can occur as a result of the deceased’s Will, and many issues can arise during the administration of the deceased’s estate. Estate litigation issues include but are not limited to:

  • Will challenges or disputes by parties who have not been named in the deceased’s Will, or included as part of an intestacy, when the deceased person died without a Will.
  • Maintenance and support claims by the deceased’s married spouse, adult interdependent partner, dependents, and other parties.
  • Issues relating to a surviving spouse’s dower right.
  • Disputes arising from the interpretation of a Will or a specific provision in a Will.
  • Disputes regarding the validity of a Will.
  • Concerns regarding the capacity of the deceased at the time of signing the Will.
  • Issues relating to the compensation of trustees, executors, administrators, and/or attorneys acting under an Enduring Power of Attorney;
  • Applications to the Court for advice and direction about issues concerning the administration of an estate or trust.
  • Concerns about the potential or actual dissipation of estate or trust assets.
  • The removal of trustees, executors, administrators and/or attorneys acting under an Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • Issues concerning joint accounts owned by the deceased.
  • Creditor’s claims.

How Can an Estate Litigation Lawyer at Vogel LLP Help?

The Estate Litigation Lawyers in Calgary at Vogel LLP have experience not only with the litigation of estate disputes, but also with the negotiation, mediation and arbitration of them. Vogel LLP also is well positioned to address the joint complexities of estate law and family law.

At Vogel LLP, we provide sensitive and straight-forward advice to clients and develop strategies to achieve efficient solutions. We are aware of the emotional and sensitive issues inherent in estate litigation, and we have the experience to guide you through what may be a legally complex and challenging dispute.

The estate litigation lawyers in Calgary from Vogel LLP ensure you fully understand your legal rights. We set realistic expectations and discuss alternate dispute resolution mechanisms, but at the same time, we are prepared to proceed with Court applications and represent you in Court. Contact us at (403) 255-2636 to talk to a knowledgeable estate litigation lawyer at Vogel LLP about your estate dispute. We are here to help you.