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Estate Lawyers Calgary

Estate Lawyers CalgaryVogel LLP has a wealth of experience acting for executors, administrators and trustees to administer estates and trusts. Under Alberta legislation and under the common law, an executor, administrator or trustee can be found personally liable if they fail to comprehend and carry out their legal responsibilities; Vogel LLP understands the often onerous and lengthy task these obligations present. We work with our clients to ensure they understand their role and responsibilities, and that they carry out their fiduciary duties.

Vogel LLP’s Estate Lawyers are well versed in:

  • Obtaining testamentary grants, such as Grants of Probate, Grants of Administration, Grants of Resealed Probate, Ancillary Grants, and other similar Court Orders;
  • Advising executors, administrators, and trustees on all matters connected with the administration of estate and trusts;
  • Advising executors, administrators and trustees with applications to pass accounts in an estate;
  • Advising executors, administrators and trustees on contentious issues that may arise during the administration of an estate or trust.

Our Estate team is well aware that litigation and disputes can arise in the context of an estate. Vogel LLP has experience working with executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries, and third parties in the litigation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration of estate disputes. Vogel LLP also is well positioned to address the joint complexities of estate law and family law. At Vogel LLP, we provide sensitive and straight-forward advice to clients and develop strategies to achieve efficient solutions.

Vogel LLP’s Estate Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Claims against estates from parties who have not been named in the deceased’s Will or included as part of an intestacy;
  • Claims for increased shares of an estate by family members, dependents, adult interdependent partners and other parties;
  • Disputes arising from the interpretation of a Will or a provision in a Will;
  • Disputes regarding the validity of a Will or capacity of a testator or testatrix;
  • Concerns about the compensation of trustees, executors, administrators, and/or attorneys;
  • Applications to the Court for advice and direction about issues concerning the administration of an estate or trust;
  • Concerns about potential dissipation of estate and trust assets.

Vogel LLP also assists individuals with personal estate planning. We understand the importance of creating an individualized estate plan concerning the transfer of our clients’ wealth to their intended beneficiaries. At Vogel LLP, we focus on the unique circumstances of each client’s situation in order to offer customized, efficient and practical estate planning advice. Contact our Calgary Estate Lawyers today.